Works of Wonder
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cell: (801) 533-9151
  • Masters Degree in Linguistics, University of Utah, 1974. Thesis: “The Quantifier in English”
  • Bachelors Degree in German with Mathematics minor, University of Utah, 1968
  • 30-month mission in Hannover & Hamburg, Germany, 1963-5
Genealogical Researcher
Artificial Intelligence Researcher
Knowledge Engineer
  • Developed expert system for probabilistic record linkage for L.D.S. Church Family History Department (1989-1992)
  • Developed and built a computer model of the probablistic record linkage process for optimizing parameters (cf. Record Linkage in Genealogy) involving original research to determine appropriate methods for combining complex dependent probabilities
  • Applied probabilistic record linkage to the development of an expert system for a personal name authority
  • Composed inference rule sets for relating spelling conventions to 1) phonological structure and 2) handwritten appearance for use in grouping spellings within and across romanized languages (rules proprietary but detailed descriptions in: Processing Names)
  • Consulted on object oriented design and development of various authority systems for events (classification, time, place), dates, and localities (1989-present)
Technical Writer
  • Compose reports on own original research in genealogical research, probabilistic record linkage, and personal name onamastics (1986-present) (cf. Processing Names)
  • Personal publication of, A Basic Grammar of English revisons of two 19th century grammars of English; two chapters contain results from my 1974 Master’s thesis (being incorporated into the Basic Grammar
  • Authored and presented a paper on the design of ontologies for family linkage and date propagation at workshop at Brigham Young University on Information Technologies for Genealogy (March 29, 2001)
  • Published paper on formal grammar in TESL pedagogy: “Some Principles of Paraphrase” in Proceedings of Deseret Language and Linguistics Society Symposium (1994)
  • Personal pubication of, A Paraphrastic Grammar of English: The Clausal Structure of English
  • Formerly director of research for largest genealogical research firm of its time (Institute of Family Research, 1972-1979)
Computer Programmer
  • System prototype for linguistic and graphical analysis of personal names on the PC (CA-Clipper, C+ interface modules, 1991-4)
  • System for modeling probabilistic record linkage on the PC (CA-Clipper, Quick Basic, 1991-3)
  • Module for translating records from a non-relational library catalog data base to a Folio compatible file (Quick Basic, 1994)
  • Module for translating dBase relational data files to a common GEDCOM flat-file format (CB-86, 1992)
  • Seven years as programmer for the commercial printing industry (Printers Management Control — Printel, CB-86, 1983-9)
  • Designed and undertook a study in natural language analysis using UNIVAC 1108 computer (Assembler, 1968-9)
Other Activities
  • Retired to Wellsville and engaged in gardening and home improvement (April 2010)
  • Sang selections from Handel’s Messiah in local Wellsville production (December 2006)
  • Sang part of Timur (the King) in a concert production of Puccini’s Turandot with the America West Symphony and Chorus (May 2001)
  • Sang with Utah Opera Chorus (1998-2004)
  • Sang with Pro-Musica of Utah (1991-9)
  • Taught as English language tutor for immigrants with Literacy Volunteers of America (1989-99) — developed own curriculum