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{170} Owen Lineage

The Owen lineage traces back from a doctor and convert to Quakerism along a well researched family in Marioneth, Wales. The majority of the pedigree is from a MS written by Robert Vaughan of Hengwrt, [11] Jane Vaughan’s father. Unfortunately while there are many sources for this pedigree, some of them offer discrepant information.

Pliws “Hên”
Prodri ap Pliws
Maredudd ap Prodri
Meurig ap Maredudd
Sawyl “Felyn” ap Meurig
Cynan “Canhysgwydd” ap Sawyl
Cynfyn ap Cynan
Seisyll ap Cynfyn
Llawrodd “Dyfed” ap Seisyll
Gollwyn ap Llawrodd
Gwyn ap Gollwyn
Ifor ap Gwyn
Gwrgan ab Ifor
Llywelyn ap Gwrgan
Cadwgon ap Llywelwyn
Gruffydd ap Cadwgan
Cadwgan “Fawr” ab Gruffudd
Madog ap Cadwgan
Ieuan ap Madog
Cadwgon ab Ieuan
Ieuan ap Cadwgan
Gruffudd “Ddu” ap Ieuan
Llywelwyn ap Gruffudd
Hywel ap Llywelyn
Owain ap Hywel
Lewys Owen
Robert Owen
Humphrey Owen
Robert Owen
Griffith Owen
Jane Owen