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{5} Egbert Lineage

The Egbert lineage traces back to Staten Island, New York and then to a planter in New Netherlands. However, DNA evidence leads to the conclusion that John Egbert of the sixth generation was in fact not born into John Egbert's family in Elizabethtown! His ethnic origin can be shown to be rooted in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain-Portugal-Andorra). Indeed, His own record has his birth in 1779 and on attaining majority in 1800 he took a path into training as a tradesman, not as heir to his foster parents' farm. The DNA evidence is reviewed in the report listed under " Bruce Davis Despain." The Egbert immigrant to America was a Dutchman, whose origin in the Netherlands is assumed. His use of a patronymic suggests he belonged to the rural laboring class. Yet many of this class were recruited to participate in the settlement of the Dutch colonies of the New World. The records of Amsterdam have not yet yielded any traces, however.

Egbert Sanderse
Tunis Egbertse
Abraham Egbert
John Egbert
John Egbert
John Egbert
Robert Cowden Egbert
Sarah Catherine Egbert