lineage chart for VAUGHAN Ynyr “Fychan” ap YNYR on lineage chart lineage chart for VAUGHN

{1358} Nannau Lineage

The Nannau lineage traces back from the wife of the antiquary Robert Vaughan along a well researched line in Marioneth, Wales, back into his own lineage at Ynyr Vychn ab Ynyr in the 21st generation (22nd on this chart).

Ynyr “Fychan” ap Ynyr
Meurig “Fychan” ap Ynyr
Meurig “Llwyd” ap Meurig
Hywel “Sele” ap Meurig
Meurig “Fychan” ap Hywel
Dafydd ab Meurig
Hywel ap Dafydd
Gruffudd “Wyn” Nannau
Huw Nannau
Gruffudd Nanny
Catherine Nanny