NYSIIS code a name code developed by the New York State Intelligence Information System that generally involves only the first nine letters of the name and produces a code of six letters using very specific rules of replacement: 1) word initially: MAC > MCC, KN > NN, K > C, PH > FF, PF > FF; 2) word finally: delete S or Z, EE > Y, IE > Y, DT > D, RT > D, RD > D; 3) First letter is first letter of code; 4) Proceed letter by letter to end of name checking for strings to replace as follows: EV > AF, vowel (A,E,I,O or U) > A, Q > C, Z > S, M > N, KN > N, K > C, SCH > SSS, non-vowel + H > non-vowel, letter + H + non-vowel > letter + non-vowel, vowel + W > vowel; do not perform the replacement but omit the letter if the new sequence results in doubling; 5) word finally: delete S, AY Y, delete A (cf. modified NYSIIS code) (cf. Newcombe, 1988, p. 181-183).