partial agreement when in comparing two records there are values in corresponding fields and they are not the same, i. e., the fields disagree, yet there is a relationship between the values, which may indicate the original intent of the values are the same, then they may be said to be in p. a. As a particular relationship may carry with it a characteristic likelihood that the intent is the same, one may want to assume it proportional to the likelihood of a link and adjust its weight accordingly. Normally there is a new field populated to carry the standard value of the identifier that disagrees. Presumably it is possible to assign to each variant a degree of dependence that the standard has to it. (Cf. agree, disagree, similarity function). (Cf. Newcombe, 1988, pp. 19-20) [Cf. RLG Chapter 2, §1, ¶4 & RLG Chapter 5, §3, ¶6]